Your apparel design & growth specialists.

Experience, attention to detail, technical prowess and ability to sync to our customers vision are the building blocks of the Apparelmark team. If you’re looking to bring your project to the next level, our apparel design & development team has you covered.


We specialize in designing sustainable, innovative and functional apparel. Check out our portfolio.


Our team has been carefully selected to offer our clients the biggest diversity in options and services. Learn more about us on Facebook.


We excel at designing and developing technical apparel that is both sustainable and functional. We work on demanding projects in the fields of science and medicine, as well as the sports athleisure industry.


We work with dedicated specialists to offer the best and most advanced material testing. Our clients appreciate the constant level of review their styles command throughout our process.


We request NDA's from all of our clients so you can be assured your ideas are kept confidential and your designs secure.

Meet Our Team

Cara Sumpton

Lead Designer & Founder

Cara may be small, but her big talent is the reason why clients flock to her from around the globe. Cara launched Apparelmark in 2015 after an eight-year career at Lululemon. Over the past several years she has lead or participated in over 20 different ventures helping brands get a head start in the competitive world of apparel. With projects from North America, Australia, & Asia in the works, Cara is quickly becoming a recognized and respected name in the apparel industry.

Andrew Drigola

Director & Co-Founder

As one of the co-founders of Apparelmark this gentleman is our "go-to-guy" for crisis management! Specializing in day to day operations of Apparelmark, Andrew handles the difficult tasks of negotiating fabric pricing, sourcing manufacturing, taking customer requests and facilitating order updates. Having over 8 years of experience in the financial and logistics sector has helped Andrew become an invaluable member of our amazing team.

Christy Caza

Accessories Design Lead

When it comes to designing functional accessories, Christy does it like no other. Commanding a strong awareness of current accessory trends, and backed by a decade of design experience, Christy works diligently with our clients and manufacturers to ensure we keep raising the bar. Her dedication to excellence and her commitment to the task at hand guides her vision to execute the complex projects that our customers demand.

Sarah Solseng

Senior Designer

With an impressive portfolio spanning 15+ years in the apparel industry, Sarah has a rare fusion of technical ability and creative vision. Sarah functions in a variety of capacities, from product design and development, to project management. With a strong focus on designing for function and purpose, Sarah is a prized designer who is highly sought-after.