Why We Are Worth It

We designed our pricing options with our clients in mind, keeping them competitive, fair, and supportive of long term relationships. We offer discounts on repeat styles, returning customer projects and any add-ons beyond the original project. If you are ready to make something real we are ready for the job!

Working With Us Looks Like This

Includes: Full Design Work, Technical Development and Market Ready Prototype
*Prices in USD

Added Styles$4000

  •    Functioning Exclusive Design Included
  •    Fabric and Trim Sourcing Included
  •    Tech Packs and Patterns Included
  •    Set up with Manufacturing Included
  •    Proto Development Included

Monthly RetainerAsk

  •    Access to Unlimited Designs
  •    Access to All Services
  •    Access to All Sources
  •    Seasonal Colour & Print Strategy
  •    Production Management Services

Stand Alone Options 

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*Prices in USD

Tech Packs$1500

  •    Computerized Technical Drawings
  •    Bill Of Materials Included
  •   Measurement Sheet for Sample Size Included
  •    Brand Label and Care Label Artwork Included
  •    Construction Specifications Included

Development Set-Up$3000

  •    Fabric Sourcing and Development
  •    Manufacturing Sourcing Included
  •    Performance Claims Validations Included
  •    Pattern Making Support Included
  •    Sampling and Production Support Included
  •    SGS Quality and Performance Testing Included

Graphic Artwork $500

  •    Complete Unique Artwork Included
  •    Design Variations Included
  •    Custom Color using Pantone TPX Included
  •    Digital, Roller or Screen Tech Packs Included
  •    Fabric Development to Final Phase Included