We are always looking for new manufacturing partners. fabric suppliers. independent designers. technology experts!

If you want to join our exciting network, let us know and we will be in touch!

About Us

We are a growing team of professionals (fashion designers, pattern makers, fabric specialists, and manufacturing partners) who want to help you bring your business ideas to life.

Check out our bio's below for an up-close look at our core team, and while you are at it, familiarize your self with some of the things we stand for:


We negotiate for you, not against you. Unlike other development houses, we are not a middle-man. We don't have secret sources or hidden costs.


We are your partner! We offer 5% kick back on referrals. When we grow, you grow.


We speak highly of all our clients and pick and chose our relationships wisely. We honor teamwork and hold you accountable to ensure you have marketing, sales, and distribution in place.

Flexibility and Versatility

We cater to both small, medium and large clients and can be as hands-on as you need us to be. We have experience in almost every type of product design (try us!).