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Aiming to offer health practitioners a unique blend of functional attire with heavy emphasis on the esthetics of the design our team was up to the task on this challenging yet rewarding project.

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Aiming to enhance Knixwear's infamous reputation in the women apparel industry were tasked with developing a new kind of T-shirt that protects against sweat-stains using bonded fabric combined with seamless knitting technology.

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Utilizing the latest in breathability technology and technical fabric innovation our team has created this one of a kind versatile polo you can wear to your office and out on the golf course. The fabric used in this project is self-temperature regulating, allowing the user to stay cool in hot climates and generate heat in the colder environments.

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Apparelmark, Cara Sumpton, TURF Vancouver


Our design team was front and center in helping this Vancouver brand conquer the hearts of their customers with emphasis on sustainable design, breathable fabric and local development.

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Featuring iconic pieces from Lululemon's all time collection - displayed pieces are exclusively designed by Cara Sumpton over her 8 year career with the company.

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