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We specialize in building fashion brands and apparel related projects.

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We love designing for FIGS. We get to give health care practitioners some style! Along with functional pockets and super technical fabric.

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Knixwear's famous for their leak-proof underwear products. We were tasked with developing a new kind of T-shirt that protects against sweat-stains using bonded fabric combined with seamless knitting technology.

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We developed a special fabric for the Ozie Polo that we haven't seen on the market yet. Our double-Knit jacquard-mesh fabric is temperature regulating and quick drying - it's all happening here.

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Apparelmark, Cara Sumpton, TURF Vancouver


We are proud to be working with our long-time friends at Turf.
For their collection, we wanted to keep it local - The t-shirt program is made in Vancouver,
and the Sweats are Made in LA.

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Featuring iconic pieces from Lululemon's all time collection - displayed pieces are exclusively designed by Cara Sumpton over her 8 year career with the company.

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What We Do.

Apparelmark is a design and development firm operating out of Vancouver, Canada with a roster of design talent, and a network of manufacturing partners we can offer our clients. We invite you to browse through our work below to see if you jive with our vibe and hopefully get you inspired to grow your own brand!

How It Started.

Apparelmark started as a contact design company and quickly snowballed into a full fledged design firm offering design, fabric sourcing, development, and production. Cara started Apparelmark in 2015, and Andrew joined in 2016. Everyone here has 10+ years of industry experience, but these two are hands-on with every project and will be your first point of contact.

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